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Jurassic Coast Based Lessons and Tours 

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Dorset and the Jurassic Coast


Dorset is home to the UNESCO world heritage Jurassic Coastline. It is a  stunning seascape of ancient rocks which has formed over time striated sea arches and stacks. It is also a living coast being home to several marine conservation zones and their ecosystems of rare and wonderful wildlife.  Dorset is a jewel in the British natural history and a paradise for paddle boarders of all abilities. 

Inland we have four rivers paddle-able all year round; the Brid  Avon, Stour and Frome which enables us to explore the beautiful green countryside of Dorset. We also have two inland habours.  Poole harbour is easily accessible with stunning views of the Purbecks, Arne and Brownsea Island. Whilst its quieter  smaller harbour of Portland offers views of chesil beach and the wildness of the fleet lagoon, which is permitted access only. 

The hydrology of Dorset offers outstanding coastal water paddling including downwind SUP. There is plenty of open water paddles and sheltered water trips making it the perfect location no mater what the weather and for all abilities. We have some surf when the weather is right and some weirs for white water skills in the winter but these areas are not to be taken lightly and require lots of skills and experience to stay safe. Most of the coast is exposed and committing and we have four outstanding tidal races around the dramatic headlands but our most notorious and challenging is Portland Bill , which is only for  advanced paddlers or to be taken under a professional guide. 



I have been paddling since I was ten. Growing up in Wales I was lucky to kayak at school and go on to work as an outdoor instructor for the TA and in Northumberland running trips for school children. Since then I have paddled all over the world on white water and coastal exploration. I specialise in temperate and sub polar conditions. I actually like the cold! So much so I did a sea kayaking expedition in Alaska, camping with bears and dodging icebergs. So I have many aa tale and lots of experience to share with you. Since then I specialised in SUP coaching and guiding working in Norway with SUPNorway and Croatia with Gutsy Girls but also growing my own company down here in Dorset. I teach all types of SUP to the highest level on the the sea and I am a British Canoeing coach and leadership tutor. I work with a specialist coach to provide you with white water and have peers that work with me to give you the best courses and experience out on the water. Ensuring I keep you safe and you learn from the best. Finally I love to race and am a sports physio so mny specilist interest is performance, biomechanics and disability sports. So I offer specialist high level training that is backed by the latest science and sporting research to ensure you not only have fun are safe with me but you stay healthy and happy out there on the water too. 

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